Sharing Sunday Lunches @ The Union

From 12.30pm to 2.30pm
Lunches must be ordered by the preceding Friday evening.

All meals are accompanied (unless otherwise stated) with roasted potato and a wonderful selection of vegetables and include a vegetarian first course.

Leg of lamb (For 6 + people) - £90.00
Roasted until it's falling off the bone with a rich mint and herb, red wine and garlic gravy.

Shoulder of pork with apple sauce and stuffing (For 6 + people) - £90.00
Slowly roasted with an apple and onion gravy and crunchy, salted crackling.

Slow broiled brisket of beef (For 6 + people) - £90.00
Probably the tastiest cut of beef (landlord's opinion), with a rich gravy and horseradish sauce and batter puddings.

Whole roasted chicken (For 2 + people) - £30.00
Slowly roasted with stuffing and a light 'herby' gravy.

20oz bbq'd fillet of rump (For 2 + people) - £30.00
Cooked to your liking, served with a rich gravy and batter puddings.

Mung Bean and mushroom nut roast. - £15.00 per person
With a cranberry sauce.

Grilled Side of Salmon (Minimum of 4 People) - £15.00 per person
The skin is marinated in seven spices and grilled until crispy. Served with roasted Mediterranean style vegetables.

Hot or Cold Honey Roasted Horseshoe Gammon (For 10 + people.) - £150.00
Served with Black Pudding and poached egg, Salad Garnish, Petit Pois, New Potatoes and a delicious Cheese Sauce.

A sociable way of enjoying your Sunday lunch.
Brought to your table and you serve yourselves.

(Please note. If there are more than the specified number for your sharing meal we will charge £5 per additional person to cover the cost of extra starters and vegetables etc.)

We do not have facilities to cater for children under the age of 5 years.